New Hope Play Day May 7
Registration is Now Closed

Join us on Saturday, May 7 from 9-2 for the New Hope Play Day! This relaxed horse show will have something for everyone! Students will be able to select up to 5 games to participate in with their horses. Try your hand at barrel racing or jousting just to name a few!

Non-riders can play cornhole or ladderball with new friends, cheer on the riders, or enjoy several activity stations.  Lunch will be available to preorder or you can bring your own picnic.  We hope you will join us for this fun day of friendly, no pressure competition and fellowship celebrating you, our New Hope family!

  • Open to all New Hope current participants.

  • Registration fee $30 per participant plus $5 per game, up to 5 may be selected.

  • Food will be available if pre-ordered during registration: Pulled pork sandwich with two sides, cookie and a drink for $10.

  • Two sessions are available: Morning 9:00-11:30 or Mid-day 11:30-2:00

Dice Race

It’s like a board game on horseback!  Throw the dice, move your horse that number of steps.  Repeat until you cross the finish line. The first to reach the finish line wins!  Appropriate for ALL RIDERS

T-Shirt Relay

A traditional relay race.  Rider puts on t-shirt, completes a task, takes off the shirt and passes to the next rider.  First team to finish wins!  Teams will be made up of riders of all abilities – walk, trot, canter, independent, lead.  Appropriate for ALL RIDERS

Dress Up Race

Riders race to get dressed up or dress up their horse, complete a task, return dress up clothes, and return to a designated spot.  Appropriate for all riders but may be more challenging for those with sensory issues.

Target Toss

Various targets will be set up around the arena and assigned a point value.  Riders will throw beanbags at the targets to earn points.  The highest score wins.  Helpers will keep track of points for riders.  Appropriate for ALL RIDERS

Ring Toss Relay

Riders will compete in mixed-ability teams. They will ride from one end of the arena to the other, place or toss a ring onto a pole, and race back to the finish so that the next rider can go. First team to finish wins!  Appropriate for ALL RIDERS

Egg and Spoon Race

Riders will hold a weighted ball (egg) in a large spoon and ride to one end of the arena and back.  First to finish wins!  Appropriate for all who are able to hold a spoon steady. 

Barrel Racing

Just like in the rodeos only you don’t have to run, and you don’t even have to know the pattern! We will have helpers directing riders to the appropriate barrels as needed. Riders will be grouped by riding level (lead, walk, trot, canter). This is a timed event and is appropriate for ALL RIDERS

Pole Bending

Just like in the rodeos with a few less poles.  Riders will ride across the arena, weave a set of 4 poles down and back, and race to the finish line.  If you don’t know the pattern, we will help you!  Riders will be grouped by riding level in this timed event that is appropriate for ALL RIDERS

Jousting and Dragon Slayer

Time to get medieval!  Try your hand at jousting by retrieving a ring with a collapsible sword!  If that’s not your speed, rid the Kingdom of New Hope of the grumpy dragon by finding him and tickling him with your sword to make him smile!  Appropriate for ALL RIDERS