Luci finally gets to ride!

What would make you wear your heart on your sleeve?

For Sharla Kershen, Founder of New Hope Equine, it is riders like Lucy!

Once she made it in the saddle her joy was contagious, as you can see by the smiles on her volunteer's faces in the video below.

Luci had some fear about trotting and wasn't sure she wanted to go 'fast'.

With encouragement from her cheering section she decided she wanted to try it

and we captured her first trot on video.

Luci conquered a fear, and now wants to trot every week... she is so proud of herself.


Little Luci rides to overcome low muscle tone, speech delay, and fatigue. We could not have offered this opportunity to Luci without additional funding. Recent donations we received brought the smile to this precious ones face!

Luci is an overcomer! Watch her succeed and know that your gifts are changing this young life!

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