Equestrian Participant Registration Process

Our next session begins September 13. Registrations are accepted year round and participants are placed on the waitlist initially. All prior year participants will be placed on the schedule first, then those on the waitlist will be placed. Placement depends on completing all required paperwork before September 1, attending an evaluation session so the participant can be matched to the right horse and number of volunteers. The days/times that work for the family are also taken into consideration. When enough trained volunteers are available the participant will be placed on the schedule.

NOTE: All participants must complete the registration process annually. Participants cannot be scheduled for their evaluation interview until all documents have been signed and reviewed by New Hope staff.

Step 1 - Download and read the Information Packet.  This package is designed for you to keep. It contains all the copy for the legal agreements you will be asked to sign in the online form in Step 2.

Step 2 - All participants or their parent/guardian must complete these forms online. This information will be automatically shared with New Hope Programming upon submission.

Step 3 - Download this fillable PDF. This consists of the Emergency Medical Treatment and the doctor's statement , which must be signed by the participant's physician. You can either bring it, mail it to New Hope or scan and email it to Program@NewHopeEquine.com